Dating Background Checks

dating background checks in San Francisco

Need to Know Who You're Seeing?

Here's a quick fact you might not know. At this time, nearly one in three people who get married met their spouse through the internet. And in that way, online dating or meeting new friends from social networking sites can be good. But there are also potential dangers....

Many people that are on dating or other websites aren't honest. Some pretend to be something or someone that they're not. Some use fake or old photos. Some hide the fact that they're already married. And there are some people that try to scam or even hurt others. So how can you meet the right people, while avoid the ones that may try to scam or harm you?

Foglight can Offer Dating Background Checks

Foglight is a licensed and insured private investigation firm based in the Bay Area with services offered statewide. Our firm is led by an investigator with years of law enforcement experience. So when you choose Foglight for your background check needs, we have the experience and knowledge to give you peace of mind.

Our Background Check Services can:

  • See if someone is actually married.
  • Check a person's public records.
  • Uncover details of past arrests.
  • Look into possible past drug abuse issues.
  • Determine if someone is a sex offender.
  • Find out if someone is using their real name.
  • Get details on owned property or bankruptcies.

Why Take Risks? Get a Free Consultation Today

Don't risk time and money by hiring an inexperienced investigator. Trust the firm led by an investigator with years of law enforcement training and experience. To schedule a free consultation please call us now at 415-926-3440, or fill out the submit form on this page. You may also send us an email at for more info on our services.