Criminal Investigations

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Criminal Investigations

Law enforcement officers and detectives are very experienced at conducting criminal investigations, and keeping communities safe. The owner of Foglight Investigations knows this personally, as he spent years working as a police officer and detective. But the truth is that in some cases, mistakes can be made. So what can you do if you feel as though a criminal investigation needs a closer look?

You need to speak with the experts at Foglight Investigations. Whether you're an attorney handling a case, or a citizen who simply needs a case looked into more, we can help. Through the gathering of evidence, interviews, and much more, we can offer a fresh set of eyes to a criminal case.

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Don't risk time and money by hiring an inexperienced investigator. Trust the firm led by an investigator with years of law enforcement training and experience. To schedule a free consultation please call us now at 415-926-3440, or fill out the submit form on this page. You may also send us an email at for more info on our services.