Counter Surveillance

counter surveillance services in San Francisco

Bay Area Counter Surveillance and Bug Detection Services

Is someone keeping an unwanted eye on what you do? Ever have personal or business discussions that you need to keep private? Then you need to speak to the investigative experts at Foglight. Foglight is a private investigation firm run by an investigator with years of local law enforcement experience. We can offer you:

  • Telephone debugging
  • Bug & listening device sweeps
  • Computer vulnerabilities & snooping
  • Audio jamming & noise generators
  • Phone wiretap detection
  • GPS device debugging
  • Detection of surveillance or stalking

We're experienced at what we do, but don't just take our word for it. Read what Mike of Hayward, California had to say about our bug sweeping services:

"Everyone thought I was paranoid and I had a good idea that someone was listening in on me. I contacted Foglight and explained the situation. Within a day they were at my place with some crazy device and found a recorder in one of my lamps. I was even able to figure out whose it was. Foglight is awesome and well worth the price. Much cheaper than others. Highly recommended company."

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When it comes to protecting yourself from an unwanted invasion of privacy, you can't afford to take chances with an inexperienced investigator. Foglight is here to solve your surveillance problems. But we can't help if you don't contact us, so please call us now at 415-926-3440 for a free consultation or fill out the submit form on this page. You may also email your questions to