Background Checks

background checks in San Francisco

Confidential Background & Employment Checks

With all the news stories about problems at the workplace, it's important to know exactly who your employees and potential hires are. Background checks can help reduce the likelihood of stealing, bad publicity, and potential violence towards employees or other customers. These checks also mean that you can improve the overall quality of your staff.

If you've been looking for background check information online, you may have noticed that there are websites offering these services. But as most people already know, many of those sites can only provide outdated info. That's why the Bay Area trusts Foglight Investigations. The owner of our firm has years of law enforcement experience, and knows the importance of updated info.

We can provide background checks of:

  • Potential employees
  • Criminal records
  • Existing employee background
  • Details on someone you're dating
  • Your building's cleaning staff
  • Potential babysitters & caregivers
  • Volunteers for events and organizations
  • Information on a potential spouse

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